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Dazzle Your Guests with Dynamic Dance Entertainment & Innovative Choreography!

Are you in search of professional dancers and innovative choreography for your upcoming corporate event? We are here to provide you with exceptional entertainment services that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.


Our team of skilled dancers and choreographers are dedicated to making your event unforgettable. Let us help you create a memorable experience with our exceptional talent and creativity.

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Elevating Your Events with
Rhythmic Joy VG Event Dancers:

VG Event Dancers believes that dance has the power to transform any event into a vibrant and unforgettable experience. Whether you're planning a birthday celebration, corporate event, or special occasion, our Dance for Events services bring rhythm, energy, and entertainment that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.


Why Choose VG Event

Dancers for Your Event?

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Versatile Dance Options

Our Dance for Events services offer a wide range of dance styles to suit the theme and atmosphere of your event. From high-energy hip-hop performances to elegant ballroom displays, our versatile options ensure that the dance complements the overall vibe of your occasion.

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Customizable Packages

We understand that every event is unique, and our customizable packages reflect that understanding. Whether you're looking for a brief performance, interactive dance sessions, or a full-fledged dance extravaganza, our packages can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

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Inclusive Entertainment

Our Dance for Events services are designed to appeal to audiences of all ages and backgrounds. We create inclusive performances that captivate diverse audiences, ensuring that everyone at your event can share in the joy of dance.

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Event Consultation For Crafting Your Vision

Our journey begins with a thorough event consultation, where we discuss your vision, theme, and goals for the occasion. Whether you're seeking a lively dance performance to kick off the celebration or interactive dance sessions to engage your guests, we tailor our services to align with your vision.

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Theme Integration For Enhancing the Atmosphere

The dance performances are seamlessly integrated into the theme of your event, enhancing the overall atmosphere and creating a cohesive and visually appealing experience. From themed costumes to choreography that complements your event's vibe, our attention to detail ensures that the dance seamlessly becomes a part of your celebration.

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Diverse Dance Styles For Catering to Your Preferences

Our Dance for Events services offer a diverse array of dance styles to cater to your preferences and the nature of your event. Whether you're looking for the energy of hip-hop, the elegance of ballroom, or the cultural richness of traditional dances, our performers bring a dynamic and captivating showcase to your event.

Dance Floor

Interactive Dance Sessions For Engaging Your Guests

Elevate the engagement at your event with interactive dance sessions. Our performers encourage audience participation, getting guests on their feet and involved in the rhythmic celebration. These interactive moments create a sense of unity, joy, and shared experience among attendees.

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Book Your Dance for Events Today

Ready to add a touch of rhythmic joy to your event? Book our Dance for Events services with VG Event Dancers and let us transform your celebration into a dynamic and memorable experience. Contact us today to discuss your event details, explore our dance options, and let us tailor a performance that will have your guests dancing and celebrating in style. Join us on the dance floor, where every beat brings a burst of energy, and let VG Event Dancers elevate your event to new heights of entertainment and excitement.


From: £2K 

Small scale events

From £3.5K

Medium scale events

From £5K

Large scale events


If you're planning an event in UK cities and towns

(Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Derby, Worcester, Stafford, Nottingham, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Cambridge, Bristol, Blackpool, Bournemouth, Chester, Bath, Norwich, Nottingham, Brighton, York, Portsmouth, Oxford, Manchester, Harrogate, Leeds, Reading, Essex, Kent, Chichester, Eastbourne, Southampton, Gloucester, Cardiff, Sheffield, Liverpool, Norwich, Newcastle, Carlise, Edinburgh, Glasgow and London)


You have come to the right place.

“We booked Vivian for a Lady GAGA Hen party dance class. The girls absolutely loved him, excellent teacher, really good dancer  and a lovely young man."

Sue Morgan


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Join us for an unforgettable VG event dancers Experience! Book now and let the dancing begin!

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