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Flash Mob Themes

We are thrilled to offer an incredible range of flash mobs that are sure to blow your mind! From electrifying dance routines to heartwarming surprises, and even powerful social statements, we've got it all. Our team of talented performers and choreographers are ready to collaborate with you to create a completely unique flash mob that will leave your guests absolutely speechless. Let's make your event unforgettable with a mind-blowing flash mob experience that will have everyone talking for years to come!


Thriller Flash Mob

Unleash the thrill and excitement with our iconic Thriller Flash Mob, a heart-pounding dance experience that pays tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.


Street Dance Flash Mob

Bring urban vibes to any event with our Street Dance Flash Mob, a high-energy showcase of hip-hop, breaking, and freestyle moves that transform any space into a dance battleground.

Birthday Flash Mob

Make birthdays unforgettable with our Birthday Flash Mob, a surprise burst of joy and celebration that turns any venue into a dance party dedicated to the guest of honor.

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Wedding Flash Mob

Elevate your wedding day with our Wedding Flash Mob, a magical and choreographed surprise that adds an extra layer of joy and entertainment to your special day.


90s Flash Mob

Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane with our 90s Flash Mob, a blast from the past that brings back the iconic dance moves and music of the 1990s to liven up your event.

Disco Flash Mob

Step back into the disco era with our Disco Flash Mob, a groovy and energetic performance that brings the spirit of the '70s to any event, complete with funky moves and dazzling costumes.

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Competitive Dancing

Dancing Waiters Flash Mob

Add a touch of theatrical flair to any gathering with our Dancing Waiters Flash Mob, where unsuspecting waitstaff breaks into a choreographed dance routine, turning your event into a show-stopping spectacle.

Dance Performance

Bespoke-Themed Flash Mob

Tailor your flash mob to any theme imaginable with our Bespoke Themed Flash Mob, a customized performance designed to complement the unique style and atmosphere of your events.


Dancers for Bar Mitzvah Celebrations

Elevate the joy of Bar Mitzvah celebrations with our exceptional dance performers. We specialize in providing skilled dancers who seamlessly blend tradition with contemporary flair. Our dancers tailor their performances to complement the significance of this coming-of-age celebration, incorporating traditional Jewish elements into a choreographed routine that adds a touch of excitement and entertainment to the festivities. Create lasting memories with our Bar Mitzvah dancers, who bring skill, cultural sensitivity, and vibrant energy to make this special occasion truly unforgettable.

Friends Cheering in Pub

Cheerleaders for Events

Add a burst of enthusiasm and spirited entertainment to your event with our professional cheerleading squad. Whether you're hosting a sports event, corporate gathering, or community celebration, our talented cheerleaders are ready to infuse energy and excitement into the atmosphere. From synchronized routines to uplifting chants, our cheerleaders create a dynamic and engaging experience that rallies the crowd and enhances the overall ambiance of any event. 

Bespoke Flash
Mob Prices  

From: 4k

Small Scale Flash Mob for Events 

From: 6k

Medium Scale Flash Mob for events 

From: 10k

Large Scale Flash Mob for events 


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“We booked Vivian for a Lady GAGA Hen party dance class. The girls absolutely loved him, excellent teacher, really good dancer  and a lovely young man."

Sue Morgan Coventry

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