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VG Event Dancers Making Hen Parties More Fun Than Ever

VG Event Dancers redefines hen parties by infusing them with energy, laughter, and the infectious joy of dance. As specialists in hen party dance classes, we pride ourselves on creating unforgettable experiences for brides-to-be and their squads. Step into a world of celebration, empowerment, and dance magic as we tailor each class to suit your theme, style, and preferences.
We have more than 25 different hen party themes to fill your event with laughter and make the bride's day happier than ever!


Why Choose VG Event Dancers for Your Hen Party?

Themed Hen Party Dance Classes

Our Themed Hen Party Dance Classes are designed to add a unique and memorable flair to your celebration. Whether you envision a Spice Girls extravaganza, a Lady Gaga-inspired glam fest, or the timeless charm of an ABBA-themed dance class, we've got the perfect theme to suit your taste. Our goal is to transform your hen party into a dance-filled extravaganza that perfectly aligns with the bride's personality and preferences.




Empowering anthem celebrating independence, resilience, and confidence; a timeless anthem for strong, single women.


TV dance competition showcasing celebrities paired with professional dancers, judged on skill, choreography, and performance.


Iconic 1987 film featuring romance, dance, and unforgettable moments, captivating audiences with its charm.


Iconic British girl group Spice Girls: energetic, empowering, chart-topping, trendsetting, diverse, and unforgettable pop sensations.


Iconic Swedish pop group, ABBA, defined the '70s sound with catchy melodies, harmonies, and flamboyant style.


In a race against time, a detective uncovers a web of deceit, leading to a chilling revelation.

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Take That Classes

Dynamic classes by Take That energize, motivate, and inspire with engaging exercises and personalized instruction.

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Charlston Roaring 20s

Vibrant Charleston Roaring 20s: Jazz, flappers, speakeasies, Charleston dance, decadence, glamour, and cultural dynamism define the era.

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Saturday Night Forever

A timeless anthem of youthful freedom, pulsating with energy, rhythm, and unbridled joy.

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Lady Gaga

Innovative pop icon, Lady Gaga, captivates with daring fashion, electrifying performances, and empowering anthems.

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High school romance set in the 1950s with catchy music, rebellious teens, and summer love adventures.

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Irish Dance

Energetic, precise footwork, arms at sides, traditional Irish dance performed to lively music with intricate steps.

Line Dancing

synchronized choreography, dancers move in lines, following steps to country, pop, or Latin music.


Identify, plan, execute, monitor, and close. Key steps in project management ensure successful completion efficiently.

Britney Spears

Iconic pop star, Britney Spears, captivates with her music, dance, and unforgettable performances worldwide.

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Greatest Showman

Musical extravaganza celebrates dreams, love, and the extraordinary with stunning performances, music, and visual spectacle.

Motown Greatest Hits

Iconic melodies, timeless rhythms, soulful voices—capturing the essence of musical brilliance in 15 tracks.

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Rupaul Drag Race Classes

Glamour, sass, and fierce competition define RuPaul's Drag Race classes, where queens vie for the crown.

Disney dance class

Magical Disney tunes inspire joyful moves in a dance class where dreams and rhythms beautifully collide.


Vibrant performance art blending satire, striptease, and spectacle, celebrating diverse bodies and sexual empowerment.


Vibrant tapestry of dance, drama, music; Bollywood captivates hearts globally, weaving stories across a cultural mosaic.

Street Dance

Dynamic expression of culture and identity through rhythmic movements, often improvised and performed in public spaces.


Iconic doll representing limitless potential, inspiring generations through diverse roles and inclusive representations. Empowerment embodied.

Salsa dance class

Learn steps, rhythms, and flair with expert instruction in a vibrant atmosphere.

Little Mix

Get sassy with a Little Mix-inspired dance class for your hen party celebration.

Maddona Vogue

Strike a pose and vogue like Madonna with our iconic dance class for hen parties.

i-love-the-80s-sticker (1).jpg
80s Dance class

Transport your hen party back in time with an energetic and fun 80s dance class.

Dance Experiences

VG Event Dancers understands that every bride is unique. Our bespoke dance experiences allow you to customize every aspect of the class, from the choice of dance style to the selection of music and choreography. Whether you have a specific theme in mind or want to create a dance routine that reflects the bride's favorite songs, we collaborate with you to turn your vision into reality.

A Personalized Touch

Our hen party dance classes are led by our dedicated solo instructor, a dance enthusiast with a passion for creating engaging and enjoyable experiences. Unlike larger dance event companies, our solo instructor ensures that each member of the party receives personalized attention, making the class not only entertaining but also tailored to the skill level and preferences of the participants.

Inclusive and Fun-Filled Atmosphere

Whether your squad consists of seasoned dancers or those who have never stepped onto a dance floor, our hen party dance classes are designed to be inclusive and enjoyable for everyone. Our solo instructor breaks down dance routines into easy-to-follow steps, ensuring that every participant feels comfortable and confident. The emphasis is on having fun, building camaraderie, and creating lasting memories.

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Vivian Gayle trained at the Urdang Academy London in Dance and Musical theatre. His diverse portfolio of work spans theatre, fashion shows, cruises, award shows ,concerts, music festivals, music videos, television and film.

Recent engagements: Candide Musical (Welsh National Opera), Dirty Dancing Musical (London) , BBC ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, Thriller Live! (West end and International), Eurovision (Netflix), Brit Awards (Stormzy and Ellie Goulding),  Royal Variety show (Rick Astley), Jenifier Hudson (London festival), Steps (UK promo tour), MOBO Awards (Fuse ODG).

DBS Enhanced and public liability Insured

The VG Event
Dancers  Experience

Party DJ

Warm-Up and Introduction For Setting the Stage

Our hen party dance classes kick off with a lively introduction to the chosen theme. Our solo instructor sets the stage, providing background information on the theme, sharing fun facts, and getting everyone in the party mood. The warm-up session ensures that participants are ready to embrace the dance-filled experience ahead.

Choreography Class

Themed Choreography For Bringing the Theme to Life

Our hen party dance classes kick off with a lively introduction to the chosen theme. Our solo instructor sets the stage, providing background information on the theme, sharing fun facts, and getting everyone in the party mood. The warm-up session ensures that participants are ready to embrace the dance-filled experience ahead.

Zumba Fitness Class

Group Dynamics and Camaraderie For Building Bonds Through Dance

Hen parties are all about celebrating friendship and creating lasting bonds. Our dance classes provide the perfect platform for group dynamics and camaraderie to flourish. Through team-building exercises, partner dance routines, and group choreography, participants not only learn dance moves but also strengthen the connections within the squad.

Dance Class

Final Showcase & Becoming Dance Divas

The climax of the hen party dance class is the final showcase, where participants get to shine as true dance divas. Whether performing in front of each other or surprising the bride-to-be with a dazzling routine, the final showcase is a moment of celebration, accomplishment, and pure joy. It's a chance for everyone to embrace their inner dancer and showcase their newfound dance skills.

Girls' night out

Inclusive and Flexible Packages

Our hen party dance classes come in inclusive and flexible packages to suit various preferences and schedules. Choose from full-day, half-day, or multi-day workshops, and mix and match themes according to your group's interests. Whether you're planning a daytime extravaganza or a night of dance-filled revelry, our packages are designed to accommodate your specific requirements. Bride is free in all packages.

The VG Event
Dancers Promise

Dancing in night club

Memorable Experiences

We believe in creating hen party experiences that linger in the hearts and memories of everyone involved. Our themed dance classes are crafted to be memorable, enjoyable, and tailored to your vision.

Dance Class

Expert Instruction

Led by our passionate solo instructor, our dance classes benefit from expert instruction. The solo instructor's commitment to providing personalized attention ensures that every participant has a rewarding and fun dance experience.

Flexibility and Ease

Flexibility and Adaptability

We understand that every hen party is unique, and our flexible packages reflect this understanding. Whether you're looking for a specific theme or want to mix and match, we adapt to your preferences, ensuring that your hen party is as special as the bride-to-be.

Dance Team

Inclusive Atmosphere

Our hen party dance classes are designed to be inclusive and enjoyable for participants of all skill levels. From seasoned dancers to those taking their first steps on the dance floor, everyone is welcome to join the celebration.

Dancing in the Mist

Book Your Hen Party Dance Class Today

Ready to turn your hen party into a dance-filled extravaganza? Book your Hen Party Dance Class with VG Event Dancers and embark on a journey of laughter, celebration, and dance magic. Contact us today to discuss your preferences, choose your theme, and let us tailor a hen party experience that will be the highlight of your pre-wedding celebrations. Join us on the dance floor and let the rhythm of VG Event Dancers elevate your hen party to new heights of joy and entertainment.

Hen Party
Dance Prices 

£25.00 PP


Required payment of £50.00 deposit to confirm booking.

£30.00 PP



Required payment of £50.00 deposit to confirm booking.

£35.00 PP


Required payment of £50.00 deposit to confirm booking.




If you're planning an event in UK cities and towns

(Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Derby, Worcester, Stafford, Nottingham, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Cambridge, Bristol, Blackpool, Bournemouth, Chester, Bath, Norwich, Nottingham, Brighton, York, Portsmouth, Oxford, Manchester, Harrogate, Leeds, Reading, Essex, Kent, Chichester, Eastbourne, Southampton, Gloucester, Cardiff, Sheffield, Liverpool, Norwich, Newcastle, Carlise, Edinburgh, Glasgow and London)


You have come to the right place.

Hen Party Frequently
Asked Questions

  • What Should You Wear to a Dirty Dancing Dance Class?
    Please dress as comfortably as possible as we will be dancing a lot. Make sure you wear comfortable gym wear and trainers. Depending on the hen party dance theme heels may be appropriate. ​ Clothing and footwear Ideas Gym wear Wigs Heels shorts and skirts leotards Hand props
  • Where do the Dirty Dancing Dance Class take place?
    Your Hen party dance package with studio hire is usually booked in a private city centre venue, function room, or dance fitness studio at your location. All venue rooms booked will be appropriate for the dance class and big enough to fit all people and are usually based in private city centre venues. ​ Your Hen party dance package without studio hire is a venue of your choice. We travel to you which saves you travel time and works out cheaper for everyone. Please make sure your indoor/outdoor venue has appropriate space for everyone.
  • Who can take part in a Dirty Dancing Dance Class?
    The Hen party dance class is suitable for all ages and abilities. Please advise on booking of ages and abilities to make sure dance routines and teaching pace are tailored for everyone.
  • What is the cost per person for the Hen Party Dance Class?
    The cost per person is £30.00 with a studio ​ The cost per person is £25.00 without a studio ​ All-inclusive of travel expenses and VAT
“We booked Vivian for a Lady GAGA Hen party dance class. The girls absolutely loved him, excellent teacher, really good dancer  and a lovely young man."

Sue Morgan


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