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Charleston Dance Class

Updated: Jun 26

Charleston Dance Class

Swing, Sparkle, and Roar: Charleston Dance Class by VG Event Dancers

Our Charleston Dance Class takes you back into the roaring '20s where the lively and exuberant spirit of the Jazz Age comes to life. Our dance class infuses your celebration with the energy, glamour, and vivacity of the Charleston dance.

The Roaring Charm of Charleston

Before we hit the dance floor, let's embrace the charm of the Charleston dance – a lively and high-spirited dance form that defined the Jazz Age which is known for its energetic footwork, playful kicks, and spirited movements. Charleston dance brings the vivacity of the 1920s to any celebration. Our Charleston Dance Class pays tribute to this iconic dance, turning it into a dance journey that celebrates the vintage glamour of the past.

Suitable for Flappers and Dappers of All Levels

Wondering if a Charleston dance class is suitable for your group? Absolutely! Our classes are designed for participants of all dance levels, ensuring that everyone can tap into the exuberance of the Jazz Age. Whether you're a seasoned dancer or just looking to experience the joy of Charleston, our class welcomes all to join in the lively celebration.

What to Expect in Our Charleston Dance Class

In our Charleston Dance Class, expect an atmosphere filled with swing, sparkle, and the infectious energy of the 1920s. The dance steps draw inspiration from the playful kicks and syncopated rhythms of the Charleston, combining elegance and vivacity with a touch of vintage glamour. Our experienced instructors break down the movements, making it a delightful experience for everyone.

A Vintage Dance Party Extravaganza

Transform your event into a vintage dance party with our Charleston dance class. Picture you and your friends dancing to the upbeat tunes, embodying the carefree and lively spirit of the Jazz Age. It's not just a dance class; it's a celebration of love, friendship, and the timeless charm of the Charleston dance.

Dress the Charleston Part: Flapper Fabulous

We encourage participants to dress in true flapper and dapper style to fully embrace the Charleston vibe. Whether it's fringed dresses, bow ties, or a nod to the fashion of the 1920s, dressing up adds an extra layer of vintage glamour and creates an authentic atmosphere for the dance class.

Why Choose VG Event Dancers for Your Charleston Dance Class?

At VG Event Dancers, we understand the significance of capturing the essence of vintage dance forms. Our Charleston Dance Class is crafted with passion and care, ensuring that you and your friends have a lively time dancing to the beats of the Jazz Age. Our instructors bring a love for vintage charm, guaranteeing an authentic and enjoyable experience.

Book Your Charleston Dance Class Today!

Ready to swing, sparkle, and roar? Book your Charleston Dance Class with VG Event Dancers and get ready for a dance experience that transports you back to the lively era of the 1920s. Whether you're celebrating love, friendship, or just the joy of dance, our Charleston class promises to make your event a vintage, lively affair. Join us for a dance journey filled with laughter, vintage glamour, and the undeniable charm of Charleston.

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